What do I need to bring to renew my registration?

– A copy of current registration or postal card that you received by mail or know your tag number.
– Florida insurance card (for vessels, trailers and motorcycles insurance is not required).
– Drivers license

What do I need if I purchased a vehicle in Florida from a private party and need to title the vehicle and get a plate?

– Buyer needs to bring title properly filled out with sellers signature, purchasers signature, selling price and odometer. If title is filled out correctly seller does not need to be present. Although, we recommend sellers presence in order to assure that the title has been transferred out of their name.
– Buyer needs to bring Florida insurance and Florida drivers license.
– Sales tax will be collected on selling price.

What do I need if I purchased a vehicle outside of the state of Florida from a private party and need to title the vehicle and get a plate?

– Original out of state title clear of all liens.
– Vehicle must be present for vin and odometer verification.
– Valid drivers license.
– Owner must be present or (If vehicle was purchased from out of state make sure title is filled out with selling price and both seller and buyers signature). *Sales tax will be collected on purchase price of the vehicle or vessel.

What do I need for out of state titles when the vehicle is still being financed?

– We need a copy of the registration from which state you are coming from and the lien holders name, address, account number and fax.
– Proof of Florida drivers license.
– If your license plate is expired, we will issue a 30 day temporary plate.
– Once title arrives, we will contact you so you may bring the vehicle for inspection. Once transaction is complete the lien holder will receive the new Florida title.

What paper work do I need to bring to register a trailer?

– Trailers weighing under 2,000 pounds are not titled.
– If the trailer is bought brand new, you will need to bring a manufactures statement of origin, bill of sale or invoice from the seller and taxes will be collected if applicable.
– If the trailer is bought used you will need to bring sellers registration and you will need a bill of sale.
– If your trailer is home made you will have to weigh the trailer at a certified weigh station..

What do I need to get a handicapped permit?

– You will need to bring form 83039 application for disabled person parking permit accurately completed, including the physicians statement of certification section verifying the disability.
– A Florida drivers license number or Florida Identification number is required..

What do I need if my license plate or decal was stolen?

– You will need to obtain a case number from the police department.
– Bring your current registration.
– Bring your Florida drivers license.
– Owner must be present.

What do I do if I renewed my registration by mail or internet and i never recieved anything?

– Owner must come in with drivers license and registration. We will then contact the county agency to determine if there is enough time for them to mail you your validated registration. If your plate is expired we can issue you a lost in transit registration for a fee of $8 to $10 dollars.

When does my registration expire?

– When a registration is issued in a persons name, it will expire on the persons birth date, excluding some lease vehicles, mobile homes and commercial vehicles.
– Mobil homes expire at midnight on December 31st.
– Commercial vehicles expire May 31 or December 31 they may be renewed semi-annually or annually.
– Registration issued under a company name or lease company are assigned a designated month and expire on midnight on the last day of that month.

When is a late fee applied?

– A late fee is applied to a registration on the 11th day of the next month following your renewal period.

-A Late fee is applied to all title transfers 30 days after the date of the sale.

How can I check when my registration expires?

– On your current Florida registration the expiration date is located on the middle right hand side of your registration.

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